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Fishing Guidelines at the Causeway

The following rules for fishing at the Causeway at Saybrook Point are intended to keep this area clean and clear of trash and debris.  This area is enjoyed by many people for a variety of recreational purposes and we ask that those who enjoy this area also help in preserving its beauty.

  1. This sidewalk is for recreational activities such as walking, running and biking. Fishing and crabbing are also allowed.
  1. Do not block the walkway with coolers, pails, fishing poles, lines, chairs which prevents others from enjoying this walkway. This behavior is a nuisance.
  1. Please do not pollute this area. Clean up after yourself. Remove all garbage including fish and crab parts.
  1. Please fish only where fishing is allowed.
  1. Please keep your fishing lines on the water side of the walkway.
  1. Do not kill your fish on the causeway. Stay out of the way of walkers, runners and bikers.
  1. Stay on the sidewalk. Do not go in the water for any activity. There are dangerous currents that could lead to injury or death.
By: Carl P. Fortuna, Jr.
       First Selectman, Town of Old Saybrook

In addition to our local guidelines, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, Sec. 26-112-39, Conduct of Fisherman.

The following regulations relating to fishing and the behavior and conduct of fishermen
apply through the inland district.

(a) Entrance and exit from streams, lakes and ponds is restricted to rights-of-way
designated by posters or when consent has been obtained from the landowner or his agent.
(b) (1) All fishermen shall keep within a reasonable distance of the banks of streams,
lakes and ponds and shall not trespass on lawns or posted property. (2) On stream open to
fishing under leases, permanent fishing easements or formal agreements, all fishermen shall
keep within ten feet of the stream bank.
(c) Domestic animals, agricultural crops and other property shall not be damaged.
(d) Swimming and/or picnicking is prohibited on any area when such prohibition is
shown by posters erected by the Department or its agent.
(e) Fishing and/or trespassing is prohibited in fish spawning areas, refuge and closed
areas and safety zones, when such prohibition is shown by posters erected by the Department
or its agent.
(f) Fishing is prohibited in any state reservation area when such area is so posted by the
Department of Environmental Protection.
(g) No motor vehicle shall be operated or parked upon any public or private road, parking
area, lane, passageway, right-of-way, field or lot when such prohibition is shown by posters
erected by the Department or its agent.
(h) Discarding of bottles, glass, cans, paper, junk, litter and trash is prohibited on any
land and water open to fishing or otherwise under the jurisdiction of the Department of
Environmental Protection.
(i) Vehicles using Department-controlled parking areas shall be parked only in authorized
places as indicated by posters.
(j) At Department-controlled boat launching areas no boat shall be moored or anchored
in a manner that will obstruct or interfere with the launching of other boats, and no boat
shall be left unattended in the water unless such boat has, in an exposed area, the name and
address of the owner of such boat painted or branded thereon or in any legible manner
attached thereto.
(k) At Department-controlled boat launching areas on inland lakes and ponds boats left
moored or anchored after December fifteenth and before April first shall be subject to
impoundment at the expense of the owner and such owner shall be subject to the penalties
provided for violations of the provisions of this subsection.